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Hmmm....this certainly keeps with Bandai's tradition of having at least one
new Gundam-related thingy every year...funny thing is, I'm under the
impression that Tomino did not like to do anime motion pictures.
 Maybe this'll be an excuse to get more Turn A kits on shelves, like a 1/100
Turn X or a Cannon Ifrute, two designs I really want to see, but sadly
didn't due to the rather small Turn A line.

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At 12:01 01/21/2001 -0500, Chris Maier wrote:
>I posted something about this a while ago, but it kind of got ignored....
>I'm sure there are some people who are fluent in Japanese who can translate
>it....but I've been told it says there will be a Turn A movie. Granted,
>not official, but it's interesting nonetheless...

        It says that there will be a Turn A movie by this summer. It's a
6-hour movie broken into 2 parts. That's it.

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