Marcel Tualla (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 12:19:48 -0500

so okay, if we're getting a little out there with our PG selections why not that
awsome Zeon MS the NZ-000 Queen Mantha (sp? -or is that the Monthra from
Godzilla -hehe), from ZZ Gundam. Now that would be cool! Its bigger than the "O."

And as large as the Pycho Gundam (maybe 1 meter shorter), but WAY COOLER

But the MOTHER of all PG's I would give up close family members, girlsfriends,
small pet animals and body parts for would be a PG AMX-002 Nue-Ziel!!!! Now that
ROCK MY WORLD!!! and to further this fantasy a PG RX-78PG03 Dendrobium Stamen

Personally I don't think that Bandai would ever release a Mobile Armour in PG or
even MG.
But if they were to do one I would like to see the MA-06 (name?) from 0083.

In all seriousness though I still think the RX-178 is still in the running for
next PG. It's a
popular MS from a popular series. And think of the versions Bandai could be
released. A Titans
version, and may be even a Super Gundam version. WOW!

I would also have to a agree to a OYW version of a GM to compliment the RX-78.
And though
that maybe a boring choice it would be nice. The GM's in the Gundam saga have
always been
neglected model wise (except for the 0080 GMs), just look how many versions of
Zaks they've produced.

And still a PG Tallgeese is still also up there. I need some thing to fight my PG
("Feel the hot led from my Dober Gun Hero! there's no way your going to try to
pork my lil sis Relina...!!! ")



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