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>just wanted to know if these programs are available for purchase on-line.
>i know that they require a Japanese version of Windows.
>another question.

GVM Lite ran on the US version of Windows 98, my knowledge of the Pro
version is only limited to the PowerMac version though.

>i've been modeling several Mobile Suits on my own.
>but i'm anxious to get a copy of GVM Pro since everything is already there.
>and since my 3D Modeling skills are only moderate at best, i'd rather spend
>my time texturing and animating.
>if anyone has any info as to where i can get a copy of GVM Pro i'd

Try CD Japan, I think I got mine years ago when it first came out through
Rainbow 10, this was before the founder sold the store to take over his
father's business, however, so chances are the current Rainbow 10 (still
an excellent store) will not do this type of special orders.

              [CD -Japan]

>1. Does GVM Pro have an English interface or is it totally in japanese?

I don't know about the Windows version, but with the PowerMac version, if
you remove a particular file, the Japanese menu becomes English.

>2. Can GVM export mesh data to 3D Studio Max 3 and/or Lightwave?

Haven't tried it so I can't say for sure, but it's a very closed system -
they tried to lock the model files so one can only read them for reposing,
but you cannot make changes to the model without hacking the program, IIRC.

>3. What mesh format does it support?

It's based on a Japanese software package called Shade (just like the
Evangelion Geometric Figure packages were) so the supported formats are
limited to what Shade would support.

>4. Does it have animation capability (comparable to MAX and LW) or is it
>merely a posing program.

No. Static posing. If it had animation capability, the official gallery
site would have some animation.

>5. What in the world is SHADE 3?

A very popular 3D modeling/rendering program used in Japan.


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