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Hmm, well the selection of PG has pretty much follow the most popular model
list, here's newtype's version:

1. RX-78 Gundam
3. Zeta Gundam
5. Wing Gundam Zero Custom
10. Turn A Gundam
11. Nu Gundam
14. God Gundam (G Gundam)
17. Gundam XX
20. V2 Assult Buster Gundam
21. Zaku
22. GPO3D
28. Gundam X

As you can see the top 3 have already been PG'd (Evagelion was #2 on the
list, so that's been done too), and I'm going to attribute Turn A's
popularity to the timing of the poll (during Turn A's run). Its unlikely a
Nu Gundam would come out so soon after the MG release, so would G Gundam or
Gundam XX be a good guess? Perhaps a 0083 model, I'd lean in that direction

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Excuse me if this has been already been discused (Ii'm an on again off agian
But has does any one have any idea what the next PG model will be? Any
what it should be?

Personally I think the RX-178 will probably be the next one. Or maybe the
How about the Tallgeese III, to compliment the PG Wing! Now that would be


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