Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Sun, 21 Jan 01 00:50:28 -0500

>I dont think the gelgoog is popular enough to warrant it... I think we'll se
>a tallgeese first...

I REALLY hope not. Anyway, what we need is a rival suit for the Z, but
all the possible choices are REALLY huge MSs. The O is the first rival
choice, but it's very large, bulky, dense and would have some wierd
mechanisms for the sub arms. Plus it doesn't have many weapons. Quebeley
maybe, but also... really big, especially the shoulders, but it'd be a
nice PG to see. Also, Messala, giant ass mobile armor... so no, Psycho
well... obviously not... There really are no good suits that would fit a
1/60 scale that could rival the Z. I still think we need a PG GM to rival
Zaku II.

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