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It will almost certainly be a Zeon MS. They're rather underrepresented right
now. My money is in the Gelgoog, in both Char and Grunt variations ...
possibly with a parts set to convert to Gelgoog Marine or Gelgoog Cannon?

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> Excuse me if this has been already been discused (Ii'm an on again off agian list > member), > But has does any one have any idea what the next PG model will be? Any Suggestion > on > what it should be? > > Personally I think the RX-178 will probably be the next one. Or maybe the F-91? > How about the Tallgeese III, to compliment the PG Wing! Now that would be cool!!! > waddoyawltink? > > Marcel > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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