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> I'm wondering, what was his role in the development of the Alex? It's not
> made clear in the OAV.

His name is Dick Lugumba and he's the head of MS research and development for
the Federation enclave in Libot (Side 6, Bunch 35). His cover story is that
he's working on prosthetics -- mechanical replacement limbs for humans -- in
general and on fully functional mechanical hands in particular. His own
disability provides motivation for such work, as he'd be among the first
recipients of practical artificial legs.

The military applications of his work appear to be an open secret -- everyone
knows what's going on, but Dick remains coy and merely notes that "even a
toaster" contains technology with military applications.

What's unclear is whether the mechanical arm on display in Dick's lab is being
scaled up to provide manipulators for MS or whether MS arms and hands are being
scaled down to provide the demonstration model. The demo arm looks to be about
half again or twice human size and its implied that this is as small as they've
been able to make it.


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