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> FYI, I'm still preferential to using "Pallas Athena"
> instead of "Pallas Athene".

"Pallas Athene" is the correct rendering -- see also Athene Nike, Athene
Parthenos, Athene Polias and Athene Promachos. Athene is actually from
Phoenician mythology, not Greek -- she was the duaghter of Cronus and soverign
of Attica. Her cult spread across the Aegean to Greece, where the city-state of
Athens was founded in her honor. Here, she was the daughter of Zeus, who was
the son of Cronus, himself the son of Uranus, who was both son and husband of
Gaea. Cronus' brothers were the Titans, who became the guardians of Gaea --
hence the name of the EUG special police force. But I digress.

"Athena" is a Westernization -- the true Greek name is Athene, as derived from
the original Phoenician -- and Pallas Athene is the same in both Westernized and
original forms.

At least we aren't stuck with the Romanization from the model box: PALACE


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