Dr. Core (core@pojo.com)
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 17:50:25 +0100

Franz Co wrote:
>Anybody have a technical explanation of this? i'm guessing that the joints
>are coated with magnets with similar poles so they do not caontact directly
>with each other therefore reducing wear and tear.

That's pretty much it. Any rollerbladers would know that about half of the
of your half-decent blades are devoted to the ball bearings. Think of magnetic
coating as magnetic or air bearings. Zero friction. It's true increasing
durability doesn't sound that exciting, but reducing the chance of seizure
on battlefields should be popular amongst pilots. It's actually one of the
realistic tech bits in Gundam. After all, we already have magnetic levitation.

BTW boys, the wheelchair may or may not be involved in the magnetic coating.
But don't forget the sole (?) inventor of mag coating made a large appearance
(for a bit character) in First Gundam (both TV and 3rd movie). Too tired to
remember/provide more details now...

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