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Mark writes,

> I'm continuing with my spelling spring-cleaning, and
> I figured I'd draw up my to-do list for y'all.
> First, some series name tweaks...

Uh-oh, time to start overhauling all my web page files
again... ;)

> On the grounds that "Zeta" is a Greek letter, and
> I'm spelling out other Greek letters
> like "Alpha," "Beta," "Gamma," and "Nu" on my site,
> I've decided not to abbreviate it as "Z" in
> discussing the series or the mobile suit Zeta
> Gundam. Hence it's now Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Zeta
> Project, Zeta Plus, et cetera.

I guess Mark and I have kinda reversed positions on
this issue. I'm calling out series titles with the
"letter only" format "Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, V Gundam,
Gundam W", and where possible, inserting the actual
Greek symbols on my Web site... although I do spell
out "Victory Gundam" and "Victory 2 Gundam" in their
mecha listings. On my Burke's Big List O' Gundam
Mecha, due to the limitations of ASCII text, I write
out all the Greek letters (with the exception of Z).
In addition to the Greek letters being used a lot in
Japanese publications, I've noticed that Japanese
fan-made web sites do this a lot too.

> I was going to do the same for "Gundam Double Zeta,"
> but frankly it looks terrible spelled out like that,
> so I'm reverting to "ZZ". :-)

Couldn't agree more. :)

> Similarly, I'm spelling out "V Gundam" as "Victory
> Gundam," since I'm already spelling out the
> pronounciation of other single-letter titles -
> Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam, Zeta Gundam, et cetera.
> This applies to the Victory 2 Gundam, Victory-Dash
> Gundam, and so forth.

Victory Gundam's the only one I'm bothering to spell
out, since most of the Japanese sources I've seen do
that as well. Although I prefer to stick with
"V-Dash", since that's how they say it in the show...
and write it in the books.

> Next, I moved on to my Gundam library and went
> through comparing name spellings for Zeta, ZZ,
> Char's Counterattack, and Victory Gundam characters
> & mecha. I've already done this sort of thing for
> Turn A and F91, so it seemed like a worthwhile
> project. Lo and behold, I actually found a high
> degree of consistency in the English spellings
> presented in my books.

WHAT?! What're you doing, finding consistencies like
that?! Isn't that, like, against the law or
something?! (just kidding, Mark! ^_^)

> So my logic runs something like this. First, English
> spellings shown in the animation take precedence,
> for obvious reasons - though this isn't absolute, or
> we'd all be stuck with "Jabrow" (not to mention the
> vending machine in the Argama's ready room that
> offers "lite bear"!).

I agree, spellings seem in the anime are #1 priority.
And lite bear is pretty good actually... it tastes
better than that weak, yellow, horse-urine lite beer,
IMHO. ;)

> Next, the text on model kit boxes.

I'd ALMOST put these on the same tier as spellings
seen in the anime, but #2 sounds find to me. Speaking
of which, I'm still waiting to see how the
Kaempfer/Kampfer issue turns out... I've kinda started
to adore that little "e" in the middle. ;)

> Lastly, if there's a complete consensus among third-
> party reference book publishers, then go with that.


> And I reserve the right to disregard any and all of
> these if it's completely obvious that they're
> mangling a real word, like "Alexandria" or

FYI, I'm still preferential to using "Pallas Athena"
instead of "Pallas Athene".

> Agreement is pretty complete on most counts, but
> I've omitted cases where it's just one book's word
> against another's - e.g. Asahiya suggests Trace,
> Shinta, Qum; Animedia votes for Torres, Synta, Qmu;
> and nobody else has an opinion.

I've always gone with Torres, Shinta, and Qumu. I have
NO idea where they got "Trace" from.

> Softbank's game guide tends to echo Asahiya's film
> books, so mere agreement between these two sources
> is deemed insufficient for my purposes - thus
> Beltorchika Irma, Astonaige Medoz, Blex Forer, et al
> didn't make the list.

The Beltorchika Irma name I can go for... the others
are questionable.

> Camille Bidan (Kamiru is standard, but clearly
> wrong)

And many Japanese fans don't seem to know that he was
supposed to be named after an actual French woman by
the same first name. I get a lot of "corrections"
about the Camille/Kamiyu issue from Japanese fans.

> Quattro Vageena (The latest books have adopted
> this in place of "Vagina," thankfully)

Thank god! Oh, and just a thought that occured to me
recently, concerning Quattro's name. "Quatro" is
"four" in Spanish... and Quattro Vageena is the fourth
name used by the guy (Caspar Rem Daikun, Edward Mass,
Char Aznable, then Quattro Vageena)

> Reccoa Londe

I don't understand this one, when her name is clearly
pronounced "lo-n-do". They could've said "lo-n-de" if
that's how they wanted it spelled. However... they
COULD be trying to say "lond", and it's supposed to be
spelled with a silent "e", but for some strange reason
- perhaps because the "do" syllable is used commonly
to replace a simple "d" in English - it ends up being
pronounced like "londo".

> Kacricon Cacooler

As opposed to Cahotter...

> Argama (Even Gundam Mechanics concurs
> on the ship names!)

Yeah, I know... I've not been wanting to surrender on
this one... it sounds like a guttural noise made by a
pirate. "Arrrrrrgama, whiver me timbers!" Oh well, I
give up. (waves white flag) :)

> Jupitris

I've seen this spelling for years, but it just doesn't
look RIGHT.

> Endra

So I guess that also means Sandra and Mindra?

> I'd also note a consensus for "Geymark," "Regelgu,"
> and "Sadalahn" among the mecha roster.

Nooo... nooo... Regelgu EVIL... Regelgoo even MORE
evil... want to stick with ReGelg... must... not...

> Mashymre Cello (I don't know if I can stomach
> this one)

So, is he a musician now or something?

> Elpeo Ple (This one's pretty heinous too)

I've never liked this spelling. Try saying
"el-pe-o-play" real fast three times. "El-pe-ploo"
comes out MUCH easier.

> Glemy Toto (And likewise)

I dunno, it's not too bad. Hey, mabye we can go with

> Nanai Mingeru (Very poor match for the kana -
> I may ignore this one)

Yeah, pretty poor... let's stick with Miguel.

> Rewloola (Apparently a Hebrew word)

Hmm... wonder what it means? Dafydd? You're our
resident foreign language/mythology/history expert.

> Uso Ewin (Usso Ebbing appears onscreen,
> but consensus here is overwhelming)

I've always thought "Ewing" would also be a good
alternate spelling, but if they want "Ewin", then I'm

> Marvette Fingerhat (Consensus is Marbet, but it's
> actually a musician pun)

Oh really? And "fingerhat"? It's so much more fun
naming her after a mail-order catalog. :)

> Oi Nyng (Only two sources for this one -
> I'll go with "Nyung")

Sounds good to me.

> Ester Chavarri (Seems to be an alternate Euro-
> version of "Esther")

I'm sure I've seen the name "Ester" used somewhere
before... so it's probably right.

> Kate Bush (Consensus is Kite, but who are
> they kidding?)

Huh?! She's a Kate. With that hot, red-headed, nicely
tanned body, she's definitely a Kate. Though I'm not
going to make any comments regarding her last name,
due to censorship constraints. ;-)

> Mahalia Meril (Consensus is Maheria, but
> actually another musician pun)

Hey, at least in this series, Tomino's using an actual
BASIS for his character names, rather than just making
up weird-sounding "futuristic" names.

> Peggy Lee (Consensus is Pegie, but please)
> Connie Francis (Consensus is Cony, but duh!)

Ditto, and ditto.

> Tassilo Wago (Ugh)


> Maria Pure Armonia (Armonia is actually a good kana
> match)

Beats "ammonia".

> Fuala Glifon (Double ugh)

Double shudder... how could they do that to my
favorite insane sadist Newtype babe?! She rings my
bell! (dodges incoming rotten fruit & vegetables)

> Repet Cineau (I'll go with Lupe, since she
> appears to be Hispanic)

I agree.

> Duker Iq

I still like "Docker Iq" better... though I can sorta
see a basis for "Duker".

> Tomliat (Isn't it Tomliatt on the model
> box?)
> Zoloat (Isn't it Zoloatt on the model
> box?)

That's what I thought... guess the double-T doesn't
really matter.

> Gottrlatan

This one's difficult.

> Birknau (Technically a real word, but in
> poor taste IMO)

What's it mean?

> Reinforce (Rapport casts a lone vote for
> Reanhorce)

And being the first V Gundam source I acquired, that's
the reason I went with "Lean Horse" for so long. To
me, it seemed kinda like an homage to Pegasus/Wooden
Horse/Trojan Horse (White Base).

> Keilas Guilie

So the Rapport book WAS right...

> Sandhoge

This actually does match the kana better. It's just
that "Sandhog" sounded SO much cooler.

-Burke Rukes

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