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> Well, I just opened mine and looked at the manual. So, I can't tell you
> much about it.
> But, I can tell you what I've noticed so far. It came in a same size box as
> FAZZ. That's little bit thicker then MG Dom box. Manual has about 24pages.
> Only 3pages of line art, that's not good.
> They should had more, like Sazabi. 2 pages of model pics as usual, not that
> impressive. One of picture has NuZeal in the background. I wonder if it's a
> HG model.
> It has 12 trees and Diecast Metal Parts for legs! That's about it.
> Construction seems simple, it shows a lot of Bandai's MG to PG parts. I
> mean there's some parts that remind me of PG Gundam.
> Overall model seems pretty good. But, I don't think it had a lot of
> attention from Bandai. Compare to all the marketing they've done for

What are you talking about the Kampher or the Nu Gundam? Also what would the
Nieu Ziel be doing in the background of either one? it is from 0083 not 0080
or CCA?


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