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I was just searching for Bandai's press release regarding Outlaw Star, when
I stumbled accross their product page at ... and it lists
the complete list of release dates for all of the region 1 Gundam release
for 2001. I've removed the non Gundam titles from the list, and sorted it by
series and format, rather than release date. If you want to see it in its
original form, along with the other titles (some interesting stuff in there,
including a Cowboy Bebop DVD boxset), hit

The list will follow, but here's some comments:
- This is a pretty backloaded year. The first 08th MS team DVD (officially
the first part of the UC gundam on DVD invasion) isn't until July, with
everything else stretching to the end of the year.
- Interestingly enough, even though the original 0080 and 0083 VHS release
ceased distribution (iirc, anyway), there is no mention of either a
re-release or a new set of dub/sub tapes. I wonder what sub script and dub
track they'll be using for the DVD's? I'd imagine that they'll redo the sub
track, at least, to meet with current official spellings (re-do might be too
harsh a word, more like a spell check, since Neil's translation was pretty
- Gundam Wing: The movie? The only thing I can think of is that this is the
special edition Endless Waltz DVD containing the 3 parts of the OVA and the
movie compilation, since they're listing an edited Endless Waltz DVD, but no
unedited version, this stands to reason.
- on that note, an edited DVD release? This is definately a first. I know
the "Toonami" edited release of Wing on VHS was planned, but an edited DVD
release side by side an unedited is definately an interesting precedent.
- Can't tell how many volumes 0080, 0083, and 08th MS team are going to be,
since the lists stop at the end of 2001. Judging from the prices, though,
i'd expect 4 or 5 episodes each for the 0083 and 08th MS team DVD's, and 3
each for the 0080 DVD's. 0080 will probably be do DVD's with 3 eps each,
0083 will follow a 5/4/4 scheme, and 08th MS Team should go for a 4/4/4
release. I can't really see Bandai trying to screw us with a 0083 4/3/3/3
and a 08th MS Team 3/3/3/3 release, considering their history thusfar, but
it's always a possibility.
- The First Gundam DVD's (interesting that they're calling it that, here,
when I'd swear someone said the official name was still going to be Mobile
Suit Gundam .... unless, as someone theorized, First Gundam is going to be
the dub name) will almost certainly contain 5 episodes each, given the
length of the series.
- The aforementioned dub only VHS and DVD release of First Gundam. Please,
don't buy these guys. Our money is our power over Bandai, hold out for the
proper bilingual DVD's, however long they take. If everyone rushes out and
buys the dub only release, Bandai may decide there is no need to bother with
a sub release. Also of note, they're doing the same double release deal that
they're moving to with Escaflowne. You'll note that a couple of dates (10/2
and 12/4) have two DVD's being released on the same day. I happen to like
this idea, since it means the whole series will be released much faster.
This is especially good for long series like MSG.
- Purely theorizing on my part, they may be rushing through First Gundam so
they can get on to Zeta Gundam and the rest.
- More theorizing on my part. Bandai is concerned that kids may not be
receptive to First Gundam, what with the old animation. Hardcore fans don't
care, we've been waiting for 20 years to see it. Kids don't buy DVD's.
Hardcore fans do. Bandai Ent. chose not to hold up the release of the DVD's
while waiting for permission to use the sub track. Why bother, though? I
can't see enough kids buying the DVD's (or rather, parents buying DVD's for
kids)... if they're going to get the show at all (and I'm not convinced yet,
myself) its going to be on VHS... sigh. I don't understand marketroids.

Description SRP Street Date

First Gundam V1 DVD Dub $24.98 8/7/2001
First Gundam V2 DVD $24.98 10/2/2001
First Gundam V3 DVD $24.98 10/2/2001
First Gundam V4 DVD $24.98 12/4/2001
First Gundam V5 DVD $24.98 12/4/2001
First Gundam Vol. 6 DVD $24.98 12/18/2001

First Gundam V1 VHS $14.98 8/7/2001
First Gundam V2 VHS $14.98 10/2/2001
First Gundam V3 VHS $14.98 10/2/2001
First Gundam V4 VHS $14.98 12/4/2001
First Gundam V5 VHS $14.98 12/4/2001
First Gundam Vol. 6 VHS $14.98 12/18/2001

Gundam 0083 V1 DVD $24.98 9/4/2001
Gundam 0083 V2 DVD $24.98 11/20/2001

Gundam MS08 V1 DVD $24.98 7/3/2001
Gundam MS08 V2 DVD $24.98 9/4/2001
Gundam MS08 V3 DVD $24.98 11/20/2001

Gundam MS08 V1 VHS $19.98 7/3/2001
Gundam MS08 V2 VHS $19.98 9/4/2001
Gundam MS08 V4 VHS $19.98 11/20/2001

Gundam 0080 V1 DVD $24.98 10/2/2001
Gundam 0080 V2 DVD $24.98 12/4/2001

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz VHS $14.98 2/6/2001
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz VHS Edited $14.98 2/6/2001
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz DVD Edited $19.98 4/3/2001

Gundam Wing: The Movie Special Edition DVD $29.98 2/6/2001

Gundam Wing V5 DVD $24.98 1/23/2001
Gundam Wing V6 DVD $24.98 3/20/2001
Gundam Wing V7 DVD $24.98 5/15/2001
Gundam Wing V8 DVD $24.98 7/17/2001
Gundam Wing V9 DVD $24.98 7/17/2001
Gundam Wing V10 DVD $24.98 9/17/2001

Gundam Wing V8 VHS $14.98 1/23/2001
Gundam Wing V9 VHS $14.98 1/23/2001
Gundam Wing V8 VHS Edited $14.98 1/23/2001
Gundam Wing V9 VHS Edited $14.98 1/23/2001
Gundam Wing V10 VHS $14.98 3/20/2001
Gundam Wing V11 VHS $14.98 3/20/2001
Gundam Wing V10 VHS Edited $14.98 3/20/2001
Gundam Wing V11 VHS Edited $14.98 3/20/2001
Gundam Wing V12 VHS $14.98 5/15/2001
Gundam Wing V13 VHS $14.98 5/15/2001
Gundam Wing V12 VHS Edited $14.98 5/15/2001
Gundam Wing V13 VHS Edited $14.98 5/15/2001
Gundam Wing V14 VHS $14.98 7/17/2001
Gundam Wing V15 VHS $14.98 7/17/2001
Gundam Wing V14 VHS Edited $14.98 7/17/2001
Gundam Wing V15 VHS Edited $14.98 7/17/2001
Gundam Wing V16 VHS $14.98 9/17/2001
Gundam Wing V16 VHS Edited $14.98 9/17/2001

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