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Subject: [gundam] 08th MS team J-type Zaku

>Although most internet sources seem to state that the F and J >type Zakus
>externally identical, this doesn't seem to be the case with >08th MS team,
>since the ground-type J Zakus have Black...ummm...'mounds' or >whatever you
>call them on their feet, the general color is darker, and also, >their
>appears to be modeled somewhat differently, as well as their >arms. In
>Gundam spin-offs, the Zaku II J doesn't posess any of these
> So can the 08th MS team Zaku II ground type be considered a >different
>of J-type Zaku? A J2 or JZ perhaps?

The creators of 08th Ms probably wanted to add more diferences to the J type
therefore adding the spiked right shoulder and the slightly different feet.
The arms are thesame though (compared to the MG F type). They're probably
just battlefield addons.

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