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Fri, 19 Jan 2001 23:48:53 -0500

I believe the G-3 gets the treatment first, though it's never seen in the
anime, and then the RX-78-2 gets coated. In the novelizations, Amuro
actually pilots the G-3 (I *think* the RX-78-2 gets whacked).

Joaquin Torres

Loran Seakku wrote:

> >I'm pretty sure in the original MS Gundam series and movie compilations,
> >Amuro
> >starts to burn out the joints of the Gundam.
> yep, so they give that the magnet joint treatment, then when they make
> the Alex, which was intended for Amuro anyway, they went ahead and made
> it with the magnet joints. Something to that extent
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