Brandon Perlow (
Fri, 19 Jan 2001 18:50:37 +0000

Just got my NuNu today.. I just compared my contents of the old NU vs
the NU MG...
The MG is a sweet kit.. But the Old Nu was a great kit for its time and
surprisingly holds well against the MG NU.. Closer inspection of parts
reveals this MG is NOT a resculpt.. Nearly all the pieces are
identically sized.. The head is virtually the same sculpt except a
little crisper.. The head now has a sepearte piece for the mouth but
otherwise looks the same.. the Old NU actually has a wider chest..Not
much but noticible by comparison.. Also the Old Nu had bigger shoulder
armors.. There is some newer engraving on the sculpts but not vastly
different.. Even the fannels are virtually the same except for some
notch cuts on the edges.. This kit looks like it will be nice to build..

Well heres my thoughts just based on parts comparisons.. If you like to
build MGs and want that extra degree of posability, get the New NU.. If
you want the NU but No frills , and are willing to do a little more, and
have the easier capabiltiy for modification, then get the old Nu for
half the price....

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