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At 16:17 01/19/2001 -0500, Chris Maier wrote:
>Although most internet sources seem to state that the F and J type Zakus are
>externally identical, this doesn't seem to be the case with 08th MS team,

        F/J types are clearly not identical, just very similar. Every book
source I've seen so far -- and I'm far from complete -- has clear difference
in diagrams, especially the backpack and the legs.

>since the ground-type J Zakus have Black...ummm...'mounds' or whatever you
>call them on their feet, the general color is darker,

        Can't say anything about the colour -- and idiot with an airbrush
and lots of paint can change that. The back-of-leg armour replaces the
verniers in the F version, if I'm not mistaken, and the backpack's
different, as I said before.

>and also, their shield appears to be modeled somewhat differently, as well as
>their arms.

        Well, the shield has never been consistent -- some J's have those
triple-spiked shields, while others don't. The arms have been fairly similar
from what I remember though.

> So can the 08th MS team Zaku II ground type be considered a different type
>of J-type Zaku? A J2 or JZ perhaps?

        I don't think so. A J2's clearly a development near end-War -- that
much is evidental from what I read from the 0083 notes, though others
probably can give you a better idea. It's probably some artistic updates in
the anime that isn't sufficient to warrant a whole new subtype, thankfully.

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