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For Burke, Dafydd, and whoever else it may concern...

  I'm continuing with my spelling spring-cleaning, and I figured I'd draw
up my to-do list for y'all. First, some series name tweaks...


On the grounds that "Zeta" is a Greek letter, and I'm spelling out other
Greek letters like "Alpha," "Beta," "Gamma," and "Nu" on my site, I've
decided not to abbreviate it as "Z" in discussing the series or the
mobile suit Zeta Gundam. Hence it's now Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Zeta
Project, Zeta Plus, et cetera.

  I was going to do the same for "Gundam Double Zeta," but frankly it
looks terrible spelled out like that, so I'm reverting to "ZZ". :-)

  Similarly, I'm spelling out "V Gundam" as "Victory Gundam," since I'm
already spelling out the pronounciation of other single-letter titles -
Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam, Zeta Gundam, et cetera. This applies to the
Victory 2 Gundam, Victory-Dash Gundam, and so forth.


Next, I moved on to my Gundam library and went through comparing name
spellings for Zeta, ZZ, Char's Counterattack, and Victory Gundam
characters & mecha. I've already done this sort of thing for Turn A and
F91, so it seemed like a worthwhile project. Lo and behold, I actually
found a high degree of consistency in the English spellings presented in
my books. Probably much of this is due to one publisher choosing
arbitrary spellings and then everybody else falling in line, but a
consensus is a consensus regardless of how it was arrived at...

  So my logic runs something like this. First, English spellings shown in
the animation take precedence, for obvious reasons - though this isn't
absolute, or we'd all be stuck with "Jabrow" (not to mention the vending
machine in the Argama's ready room that offers "lite bear"!). Next, the
text on model kit boxes. Lastly, if there's a complete consensus among
third-party reference book publishers, then go with that. And I reserve
the right to disregard any and all of these if it's completely obvious
that they're mangling a real word, like "Alexandria" or "Camille."

  So that's my reasoning. Now here's my list. Comments welcome...


Sources include Asahiya Shuppan's film books, Softbank's video game
guide, T2's pilot list, Rapport's encyclopedia, and Animedia's ZZ books.
Agreement is pretty complete on most counts, but I've omitted cases where
it's just one book's word against another's - e.g. Asahiya suggests
Trace, Shinta, Qum; Animedia votes for Torres, Synta, Qmu; and nobody
else has an opinion. Softbank's game guide tends to echo Asahiya's film
books, so mere agreement between these two sources is deemed insufficient
for my purposes - thus Beltorchika Irma, Astonaige Medoz, Blex Forer, et
al didn't make the list.

  Camille Bidan (Kamiru is standard, but clearly wrong)
  Quattro Vageena (The latest books have adopted this in place of
"Vagina," thankfully)
  Emma Sheen
  Fa Yuiry
  Reccoa Londe
  Wong Lee (Won Lee is standard, but pretty clearly wrong)

  Jerid Messa
  Mouar Pharaoh
  Lila Milla Rira
  Kacricon Cacooler
  Paptimus Scirocco
  Sarah Zabiarov
  Ben Wooder
  Buran Blutarch
  Four Murasame
  Rosamia Badam
  Yazan Gable

  Haman Karn

  Argama (Even Gundam Mechanics concurs on the ship names!)
  Dogosse Giar


Only two sources for characters here - Asahiya Shuppan's film book, and
Animedia's ZZ book. I've noted only the cases where they agree. I'd also
note a consensus for "Geymark," "Regelgu," and "Sadalahn" among the mecha

  Judau Ashta
  Leina Ashta
  Roux Louka
  Elle Vianno (Animedia has it as Viann, but the kana indicate a
final "o")
  Beecha Oleg
  Mondo Agake
  Iino Abbav
  Emary Ounce

  Mashymre Cello (I don't know if I can stomach this one)
  Chara Soone (Animedia actually has it as Soon)
  Gottn Goh
  Elpeo Ple (This one's pretty heinous too)
  Glemy Toto (And likewise)

  Rasara Moon
  Sarasa Moon


I'll skip the First Gundam reappearances, whose names are already set in
stone. Sources here are the Newtype 100% Collection, Animedia's book, and
Softbank's game guide - plus Gundam Mechanics and assorted Victory Gundam
books for the ship names.

  Chan Agi
  Quess Paraya (All three sources agree)
  Kayra Su (Softbank has it as Sue)
  Nanai Mingeru (Very poor match for the kana - I may ignore this one)
  Gyunei Guss (All three sources agree)

  Rewloola (Apparently a Hebrew word)
  Ra Cailum (Universal agreement)
  Ra Chatter (Ditto - no consensus on the name of the class, though)


Sources here include the 100% Collection, Rapport's encyclopedia, and the
Dengeki Entertainment Bibles. I've overidden consensus in the case of the
numerous musical references and the Jovian moons.

  Uso Ewin (Usso Ebbing appears onscreen, but consensus here
is overwhelming)
  Shakti Kareen (Usually either Shahkti or Shaakti, but it's an
actual word)
  Katejina Loos
  Marvette Fingerhat (Consensus is Marbet, but it's actually a musician pun)
  Odelo Henrik
  Suzy Relane
  Warren Trace
  Karlmann Dukartuse (But my preference is a Greek-style Doukatous)
  Oi Nyng (Only two sources for this one - I'll go with "Nyung")
  Romero Marvall
  Otis Arkins
  Ester Chavarri (Seems to be an alternate Euro-version of "Esther")
  Leonid Almodovar
  Junko Jenko
  Kate Bush (Consensus is Kite, but who are they kidding?)
  Helen Jackson
  Mahalia Meril (Consensus is Maheria, but actually another
musician pun)
  Peggy Lee (Consensus is Pegie, but please)
  Connie Francis (Consensus is Cony, but duh!)
  Juca Meilasch
  Oliver Inoe (I think this should actually be the common Inoue)
  Robert Gomez
  Striker Eagle (Only two sources for this one)
  Ness Husher (Only two sources for this one)
  Kuffu Salomon (Only two sources for this one)
  Tomache Massarik
  Karrel Massarik
  Elischa Kransky (Actually given as Kranskie or Kranski...)
  Martina Kransky (...but other Russian names in Gundam are written
as "-sky")
  Sophia Jellines
  Brasta Jellines
  Hangerg Ewin (Only two sources for this one)
  Myra Miggelle (Only two sources for this one)

  Cronicle Asher
  Fonse Kagatie
  Mutterma Sugan
  Tassilo Wago (Ugh)
  Maria Pure Armonia (Armonia is actually a good kana match)
  Fuala Glifon (Double ugh)
  Arbeo Pippiniden
  Repet Cineau (I'll go with Lupe, since she appears to be Hispanic)
  Metchet Rubence (Only two sources for this one)
  Gettle Dupre
  Duker Iq
  Godwald Hein

  Tomliat (Isn't it Tomliatt on the model box?)
  Zoloat (Isn't it Zoloatt on the model box?)
  Rig Shokew
  Rig Contio
  Birknau (Technically a real word, but in poor taste IMO)

  Reinforce (Rapport casts a lone vote for Reanhorce)

  Keilas Guilie


-- Mark

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