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>Has anyone reviewed MG Nu in detail? I'd like to know a little about >that.

Well, here's my not-too-in-depth review:

Let's start from the top. The head is quite simple to construct, as it only
consists of 7 parts. It's a shame that Bandai didn't put in a lot of
thoughts into the design of the head. There are no gimmicks like light-up
eyes or internal details, despite its larger-than-normal size.

The neck is very well detailed. Pistons and other details are shown. Bandai
designed mechanism that allows the neck to shift forward and backward.
Pretty nice. However, the movement of the head is restricted somewhat.

The removeable chest armor is one my favorite features in the MG Nu Gundam.
They can be easily removed to reveal the internal details inside. The
cockpit, like all other MG (except Gelgoog), can be opened to reveal the
pilot inside.

The upper torso is connected to the hip by a large polycap. It allows the
model to tilt from side to side. However, the back skirt armor restricted
the waist to turn from side to side only by no more than 20 degrees. Even
the skirt armors have internal structures, wow!

The internal details of the legs are very well-done, and have pistons that
shift. Althought you don't have to use screws to fasten the joints, it's
strongly recommended because they add weights and stability to the model.

The arms also have internal skeletons, but they are not very remarkable
compared to other parts of the model. The hands of the Nu gundam are
probably the major weakness of the model. Like most MG models, they can't
hold weapons well. Worst yet, Bandai is being extremely cheap and give us
only 1 pair of hands!

Like the old 1/100 Nu Gundam model, there are die-cast parts to make the
model stable. And believe me, they are absolutely necessary because the fin
fannels are extremely heavy.

Finally, The MG Nu comes with its standard accessories, like bean gun, a
large but plain shield, two bean swords, bazooka, and 6 very well detailed
fin fannels (with locking mechanism). Unlike some people have speculated,
there is no stand for the fin fannels. The finished model, with the bazooka
and all of its fin fannels mounted, can stand straight without any support.
Very solid and quite stable.

All in all, the MG Nu Gundam is a pretty good deal for 5000 yen. It not only
fixed many of the problems of the old 1/100 kit, it also looks very good
without any paint. It may not be as big as the Sazabi, but it absolutely
towers over other 1/100 models. The sheer amount of internal details makes
it an excellent display model as well.

There are a lot more little things about this model that will take many
words to describe in details. By now you are probably get tired of my
review, well at last I highly recommend this model to you. Have fun with
your models!
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