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Subject: Re: [gundam] Question for the MG Nu Gundam owners

> wouldn't be surprised at all. Of course, I would also like a Double-fin
> fannel Nu, as well as a Hi-Nu, and I know that the current MG Nu can
> these modifications. But as to it ever coming out, except in as a resin
> add-on, well....

Course, Bandai could always just release *plastic* upgrade kits instead of
either making you shell out insane amounts of money or not making it
available at all. I'd rather pay $60 (or $40 or whatever it is now) and then
maybe $15-$25 for each kit of extra parts than buy entire Nu duplicates.

Why do they bother with the resin add-ons? Does anyone actually pay actual
*money* for them? =) Or is there some kind of Bandai hidden code I don't
know about, forbidding plastic add-on kits?

- dom

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