Fri, 19 Jan 2001 05:21:30 EST

Does anybody have any leads to where i can get a detailed breakdown of the
Space Colonies in Gundam UC?

I'm doing some 3D work in MAX 3.
Trying to put together a scene.
I've modeled an RX-79 EZ8, RGM-79 GM (G) and (E) to use in the animations.
I wanted to start in space, as the GM gets shot down and crashes back down
into earth using its shield as protection against the heat during reentry.

I plan to use a Side as a backdrop for the action.
the only references i have of a CLOSE UP of a Side is a crappy bootleg copy
of F91.
if anyone can refer me to any sites with decent pics, i'd appreciate it.

i know i could cheat and just slap solar panels onto a cylinder, but i'd like
a little more detail. . .

thanks in advance.

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