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>> >* Australian aborigines surrender to Zeon Duchy
>> >following destruction of Sydney
>> Melburnians say "Good on ya!"
>Is there some big rivalry between citizens of Sydney
>and Melbourne? :)

Yes, because Sydney is all glitz and no supstance ;-D

>> * Sailor Senshi to sponser Neo-Swedish Gundam
>> Fighter
>I was thinking of something on the lines of
>"Neo-Sweden caters to female merchandising market with
>new Nobel Gundam design" or something like that, but
>this works even better!

The scary thing is I could actually believe Minako doing it!

>> * Neo-English Gundam Fight hooligans wreak havoc!
>Hee-hee! Hey, just what we need... mobile fighters
>piloted by Monty Python!

I was thinking more along the lines of British soccer hooligans.
>Thanks for the good ideas, Andrew! When I use'em, I'll
>be sure to give you credit.

Thank you! Glad to know you liked them!

Andrew Dynon

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Feist's Corollary: There is no idea so brilliant or original that a
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Morrison's Corollary: There is no idea that a sufficiently-talented writer
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Holliday's Corollary: There is no plot so stunningly original that a
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