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To satisfy your curiosity:

The way that the chest plates are designed, I am willing to bet my best
paintbrush that even if a full armor Nu never comes out, they had provisions
for it. The chest plates are designed to be removed easily and I can easily
see that the armor plates can be replaced with FANu plates. Another thing:
the Internal skeleton of the legs and arms allow for a lot of parts
swapping, so it really is no surprise if an FANu is waiting in the wings. I
wouldn't be surprised at all. Of course, I would also like a Double-fin
fannel Nu, as well as a Hi-Nu, and I know that the current MG Nu can support
these modifications. But as to it ever coming out, except in as a resin kit
add-on, well....

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> Very curious, are there any curious PC parts covered on the exterior of
> kit, like they did on the ZZ?
> I am trying to see if they have left themselves room for a Full armor Nu
> Gundam.
> Please satisfy my curiosity.
> Gus

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