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I would not doubt that at all. In fact, it would be interesting to see how
the parts are laid out.
Can't wait :)
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Subject: [gundam] Gouf Custom MG=Zaku II F2 and Gouf Flight Type?

> Looking at linearts of both the Zaku F2 and Gouf Custom, I've noticed that
> they look very similar, not only because Goufs and Zakus are similar
> but also because they use similar Katoki-stylings, particually in the
> and chest area. It got me to thinking, when the Gouf Custom comes out, is
> possible that some of it's parts could be recycled for use in a possible
> Zaku II F2 model if it comes out? I mean, just take a few Zaku II MG
> and some Gouf parts, plus a few extra parts here and there(Such as the
> stuck-out chest) and you have your Zaku II F2, pretty much. Also, anybody
> think that Bandai will make the flight type variant in MG? If I'm not
> mistaken it's 75% the same mecha.
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