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Right then, I finally got my copy of the Mobile Suit Gundam Character
Encyclopedia. It's already been reviewed by a couple of GML'ers, so I won't
go too deeply into it. Overall, very impressive. I was kind of dissapointed
that game characters only got a single page in the whole book, and manga
characters entirely got the shaft, but what can you do? =)
Anyway, on page 55 there's a "character list", that matches all the
different TV show main characters to their respective mobile suits. Heero
gets two entries, one for Wing, showing him paired with the Wing Gundam, and
a second for Endless Waltz matching him to the "Wing Zero Custom".
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the GML consensus that the "Custom"
monicker was only used for the model kits?
Did Dengeki screw up? Is there a precedent in Bandai official literature?

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