Richie Ramos (
Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:21:49 +0800

> >It would be really nice if they released the Marine Mobile Suits in MG
> >and went to the trouble to actually detail all of the underwater
> >electronics, mechanical, etc. parts that it takes for a submersible
> >Jason
> Fat chance... have you seen the MG Nu's frame? Those Mazinger-style
> arm frames (more like cylinders) are beyond pathetic.
> Eddie

Hmmm. there I would have to disagree. Those arms are designed more for
durability, and I respect that. the shoulders can be locked into place, and
that accounts for the design. It's not such a bad trade-off -- but then, I
have never been one for over-detailed internals...give me a lot of panel
lines on the external armor, and I will be happy....

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