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I got to take a look at the book too now. The Illustration is on page 76 of
the Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations book (ISBN 0-945814-51-8) published by

caption says:
"Mobile Suit Gundam, Advanced Operation case illustration"

the image is flipped horizontally (with the characters on the right side)
when compared to the one on the link.

Its part of a series of Family Soft games as Z said. On pages 74-75

First illo is with White Base Crew & Char on the right side with the RX-78-2
on the other - entitled MSG, Tactical Operation

Next illo has Char, Lalah Sun and the Zabi Family with Red Zaku entitled
MSG, Tactical Operation Map Collection

Older Amuro, Kamiru, Quattro and the Zeta Gundam:
MSG, Desert Operation

Nu Gundam, Neo-Zeon Char, Amuro and Quess Pariah:
MSG, Classaic (Sic) Operation


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> > I came upon a rather interesting image...appears to be a Mikimoto,
> > by his stylings. I can't really identify the characters at all...one
> > to be Jerid Mesa though, and one I thought was Christina at first, but
> > I saw what appears to be a Zeon uniform....can anybody identify who
> > people are?
> >
> > http://min1123.new21.net/Gundam/image/0079_27.jpg
> I don't read Korean Hangul, but that wouldn't help much anyway, as [a] the
> picture aren't annotated even in Korean and [b] whoever posted this
> seems to believe that it's from First Gundam, which it obviously is not.
> As it happens, I recognize this for Mikimoto Illustrations. It's from the
> FamiSoft game Mobile Suit Gundam: Advanced Operations, which, like Blue
> can be viewed as a side story, this one set in the Z Gundam era (UC 0087
> 0088). Like Sentinel, it's somewhere between Z and ZZ, but a little
closer to
> concurrency with Z.
> The two figures in the foreground and the guy gesturing in the background
> members of a team of new AEUG recruits, which is why you don't recognize
> The two space- (or should I say "normal") suited figures may be the same
two new
> characters in the foreground, romping like Shiro and Aina in 08th MS Team,
or a
> couple of known Z Gundam characters, in which case, I'd hazard Camille and
Fa as
> the most likely -- I really can't tell and don't know anything about the
> other than the few notes in the aforementioned Mikimoto Illustrations
book. The
> blond galoot in the baclkground does indeed look like Jerid Mesa and, if
so, I'd
> say the magenta-haired woman immediately below him was Mauar Pharaoh --
> her hair's black in the anime, but artistic license has allowed for much
> modification than mere hari color.
> The preceding paragraph is all a wild-@$$ guess on my part, of course.
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