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Hmmm, why would there be a Neue Ziel in the background? You sure it's not
the Alpha Azieru? (which would probably be the old kit, I assume).

Peter Savin

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> Well, I just opened mine and looked at the manual. So, I can't tell you
> much about it.
> But, I can tell you what I've noticed so far. It came in a same size box
> as FAZZ. That's little bit thicker then MG Dom box. Manual has about
> 24pages. Only 3pages of line art, that's not good.
> They should had more, like Sazabi. 2 pages of model pics as usual, not
> that impressive. One of picture has NuZeal in the background. I wonder
> if it's a HG model.
> It has 12 trees and Diecast Metal Parts for legs! That's about it.
> Construction seems simple, it shows a lot of Bandai's MG to PG parts. I
> mean there's some parts that remind me of PG Gundam.
> Overall model seems pretty good. But, I don't think it had a lot of
> attention from Bandai. Compare to all the marketing they've done for
> Sazabi. After all, it's Amuro's last mobile suit.
> Loran Seakku wrote:
> >> just went out last night (Hong Kong time) and the Kampfer IS here! its
> >> making its way to the shops, some shops have it, some don't. I guess
> >> take a few days for it to reach all the shops. prices very from shop
> >> shop and I saw this shop selling it really cheap. I may get one later
> >> there's still money left after buying handheld accessories ^_^
> >
> >
> > I'll buy one offa HLJ. And also MG Gouf Custom is listed in hlj...
> > with that? I don't know the release date but I'm pretty sure it's not
> > for a while. It's only 3000 yen, suggesting... something. I dunno, seems
> > too cheap. But anyway, I will get an MG Kampfer from HLJ. Has anyone
> > reviewed MG Nu in detail? I'd like to know a little about that.
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