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> Joaquin writes,
> > > *** 0083 HEADLINES ***
> > >
> > > * '83 Pulitzer Prize for Physics awarded to Von
> > Braun
> > > City engineers for artificial gravity system;
> > prize
> > > may be retracted, system due to fail by '87
> >
> > I hope you mean Nobel Prize.
> Oops! Guess I got my awards mixed up. :) Thanks for
> letting me know!

As long as you're accepting corrections, Al Izuruha was 10? in Gundam 0083, so
he'd be 11, not 8, by the time he came to trial for collaboration.

By the way, "collaboration" would probably be the heaviest charge he could face.
You have to be an adult, with adult duties and responsibilities to your country,
to be a traitor. Children are minors and can't make the legal commitments,
implicit and explicit, whose violation constitutes treason.

He'd have to have enlisted with his parents' permission in order to qualify as a
traitor. That's one of the reasons why the Supreme Court ruled Executive Order
1096 unconstitional and ordered the release of the interned Japanese American
families in 1942 -- the children interned with their parents had not and legally
could not be held to be enemies of the State, even if they adhered to the
Japanese Empire. They were de facto citizens by birth and could not be rules
otherwise, even for treasonable thought or deed, until they reached their


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