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Mikimoto only did the illustration, but I'm sure he tried to be faithful to
whatever information they gave him regarding the characters available in the

Since it IS a game, they're not bound by the TV series continuity, although they
probably followed that continuity as closely as possible ten years ago, when
this was made. Unlike Gihren's Greed, this probably tried to work within the
known "history" rather than proposing alternates.

This is, again, just my own guesswork, but I'd say that it had to take place
before Jerid Mesa was killed in action and, if that's Mauar Pharaoh there, then
before SHE was killed in action.


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To my recollection Jerid Mesa died in Zeta when Camille shot him into the
exploding AEUG battleship “Radish”. I have not see Double Zeta I am unsure if
Jerid somehow escaped death.

Could be Mikimoto was paying homage to both Zeta and Double Zeta.

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