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Oops! Well, there seems to be this weird thing where e-mails from the list
do not have the listed on the when i reply and inted have
the senders e-mail addy.

>>BTW, your reply was off-list, I assume you wanted to send it >>to the

>Franz Co wrote:
>>*snip snip (brings out kmower) VRRRRROOOOOMMMMM*
>> >won't surprise me the least bit if the "they" in question is >>actually
>> >one poor
>> >young writer who hasn't even seen half of the shows himself.
>>I'm actually more inclined to trust Newtype's list since the >source (35
>>anime creators) is listed and is (presumably) credible.
>yeah... but I am not a fan of ranking and hierarchy. If you >ask me to
>make a top-10 list of my fav SF shows or cartoons, I'd probably >give
>you a different list each time. And who choose these 35 people >anyway?
>MSG is #1 in my (and Newtype's) book, but is it really #1 >generally?
>It's interesting to reference some of these lists to check out >what I
>am missing, but ultimately the only meaningful list is my own. >(ok
>there's a breakdown in logic somewhere in there... oh >nevermind...)
>> >Top-5 funny bodily sound effects etc. (ok maybe not bodily >>sounds...)
>>"Luke I am your (pfffrrrrrrrt) oop's excuse me gotta run to >the john"
>ok I am sorry I started that... It might be something like top->5 alien
>groans (Chewy topping the list of course).

>Anyway does Vader's diet include beans?

Dunno, does he take the mask of when he eats? Deos he eat at all? Through a
rubber hose?

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