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>Still enjoying my "post but no delivery" status here.
>Found all of the Gundam Wing figures at my local
>Target last night, including the Endless Waltz ones.
>I'm pretty impressed with the EW entries. It looks
>like they put a little more effort into the sculpts
>and paint jobs. I grabbed a Wing Zero Custom for
>myself, it's pretty solid. Hope they make a Serpent
>Also, folks may want to check out the Toybox DX Rumble
>section at:
>We have a quick review of the Gundam Archive book
>there, as well as a neat pic of the original Gunboy
>(I claim no responsibility for the Heero Yui/William
>S. Burroughs comparison in the other news story.)
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 So, you liked the EW figures? With me it was the exact opposite. I was
impressed by the appearance of them. They had nice colors and were
sculpted very well. However, as soon as I took my D-Hell Custom out of
the box... the shoulder broke. Also, my Wing Zero Custom is flimsy as
hell, and the wings keep popping off, same with D-Hell. I think they make
better pieces for show instead of a toy, which is odd since they ARE a
toy... oh well, I'll stick to MSiAs.

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