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Thu, 18 Jan 2001 10:20:41 -0500

>pistons are fun, but they are mostly invisible. if someone want it bad
>s/he can customize it him/erself.

It's not that easy for newbies to build a piston.

>>3. More weapons. (preferable big-freaking-guns)
>Hmm, I'd prefer SMALLER guns. "From Balance comes Strength"

I hope you like Rick-Diaz's tiny pistols.

>My list would be:
>1. enough flexibility/poseability to strike at least one shooting/slashing
> per weapon included (this means big improvements in wrists and
> all big weapons (i.e. most rifle and all bazooka, even some sabres)
> be held with BOTH hands.

yeah, that's the big problem with all models, no many of them can hold their
weapons with both hands. For those who played with the Chogokin figures,
you would know how flexible a MS could be.

>2. enough flexibility to strike walking, running, one- and two- knees
> (big improvements in ankles and hips, also need twisting and bending

>4. better shield mounting on forearms AND in hands.
It's not easy because a lot of MS have huge shields.

>5. easy-to-paint multi-part heads
>6. wet and dry decals, tons of decals, less stickers
>7. transparent eyes, movable monoeyes, places to mount LEDs, transparent

Almost all models made from 1997 on have transparent sabres.

>8. articulate hands or at least more expressive fixed pose hands
The recent HGUC models have great molded hands, like the Gelgoog Marine,
Quebley, and Dom Tropen.

>9. pilots, support crews, support vehicles and cranes
>10. weapon racks/display stands, also display stands for flying/space

I believe that Hasagawa makes very good modeling accessoris like crew sets
and support vehicles. I got the US Airforce Crew set for 400 yen, and they
are a great addition to my PG Zeta gundam.

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