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Thu, 18 Jan 2001 13:00:19 +0100

Zhao Pan wrote:
>10. Pre-assembled conductive cables in all Zeon MS.

This contradict with No.5 below. Why not a pre-assembled PG model?

>9. Pilot figures
>8. Tons of decals to customize models.
>7. Extra parts for customization.
>6. Clear plastic eye(s).
>5. No less than 250 parts for MGs, no less than 120 parts for HGs.
>4. Hydraulic pistons.

pistons are fun, but they are mostly invisible. if someone want it bad enough,
s/he can customize it him/erself.

>3. More weapons. (preferable big-freaking-guns)

Hmm, I'd prefer SMALLER guns. "From Balance comes Strength"

>2. Articulate hands (with individual moving fingers) that can hold weapons
>1. Endo-skeleton in every part of the model with removable armors.

Ugh, definitely not my #1, esp. for MG and HG models. Endo-skeletons should
be reserved for big expensive models.

My list would be:

1. enough flexibility/poseability to strike at least one shooting/slashing pose
     per weapon included (this means big improvements in wrists and shoulders)
     all big weapons (i.e. most rifle and all bazooka, even some sabres)
     be held with BOTH hands.
2. enough flexibility to strike walking, running, one- and two- knees kneels.
     (big improvements in ankles and hips, also need twisting and bending
3. old-style fine detail parts for antenna, V-fins etc (include the modern
     versions also for the young modellers)
4. better shield mounting on forearms AND in hands.
5. easy-to-paint multi-part heads
6. wet and dry decals, tons of decals, less stickers
7. transparent eyes, movable monoeyes, places to mount LEDs, transparent
8. articulate hands or at least more expressive fixed pose hands
9. pilots, support crews, support vehicles and cranes
10. weapon racks/display stands, also display stands for flying/space mechas

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