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Charlie Hetherington wrote:
>Animage Lists Most Important Anime Ever
>Animage Magazine, the oldest and most respected anime magazine in Japan,
>has published a list of what they consider the 100 most important anime of
>the 20th century, in terms of historical significance, influence and
>impact on the

It might as well be "some important anime in chronological order"...

>1. Hakujaden (Tale of the White Serpent), movie, 1958
>...100. Doraemon, TV, 1979
>Close inspection of the list reveals some interesting placements. No OAV
>series placed higher than #60 on the list. Akira ranked 57th. G-Gundam made

No UC other than 0079. But G and W are on. Actually this is probably fair in
the grand scheme of things... but then _100_ is a long list. If you list
out 100
most important US cartoons, you will have to include a few junky shows too.

>the list while Zeta Gundam did not. Kodomo no Omocha made the list while
>Marmalade Boy did not. Jubei nin Pocho (Ninja Scroll) did not make it onto the

KOO is a fun show!

>list; neither did Bubblegum Crisis, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin or
>Rayearth, yet Tokyo Babylon OAV 2, Maho Tsukai Tai and the Sakura Taisen
>TV series did. Doraemon placed #100 while Sazae-chan and Chibi Maruko-chan
>were not

Doraemon definitely deserves a higher ranking, but anyway these lists are
often created just to fill up space in a mag. So I never take them too
seriously. It
won't surprise me the least bit if the "they" in question is actually just
one poor
young writer who hasn't even seen half of the shows himself.

That reminds me of an entire magazine devoted to top-5 lists on SW. The lists
range from Top-5 Male Characters, Top-5 Babes, to Top-5 light sabre slashes,
Top-5 funny bodily sound effects etc. (ok maybe not bodily sounds...)

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