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You'll have to wait 'till summer for Zeonic Front. BTW, my question is
another; as in these games there is a notable percentage of japanese
writing, will they ever be translated? If I am telling this the reason is
that (I don't know in the remaining countries of Europe) in Italy,
videogames about anime series aren't never officially distributed. Is it
different in USA?

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> Gundam PS2 intros
> I thought the opening CG animation was pretty good.
> The Zaku's looked great, but I wish that the animators
> would pay a little more attention to the texture mapping
> on the mech's. The Gundam looks to clean to be at war.
> How did the Gundam see through that building?
> I am lookig forward to Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front. It's time the
> Zaku's had a chance to kick some butt.
> Has anyone seen G-Saviour? If so, how is the CG?
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