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I must tell that, having seen something of ZZ Gundam, the two space suited persons seem to me Judo Ashita and a girl of the same anime series (I don't remember her name). Are you sure that it isn't so? BTW, Mikimoto's design could bring me to mistake; so I can tell I am 50% sure about this.

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> > I came upon a rather interesting image...appears to be a Mikimoto,
> > by his stylings. I can't really identify the characters at
> > to be Jerid Mesa though, and one I thought was Christina at first, but
> > I saw what appears to be a Zeon uniform....can anybody identify who
> > people are?
> >
> >
> As it happens, I recognize this for Mikimoto Illustrations. It's from the
> FamiSoft game Mobile Suit Gundam: Advanced Operations, which, like Blue
> can be viewed as a side story, this one set in the Z Gundam era (UC 0087
> 0088). Like Sentinel, it's somewhere between Z and ZZ, but a little
closer to
> concurrency with Z.
> The two figures in the foreground and the guy gesturing in the background
> members of a team of new AEUG recruits, which is why you don't recognize
> The two space- (or should I say "normal") suited figures may be the same
two new
> characters in the foreground, romping like Shiro and Aina in 08th MS Team,
or a
> couple of known Z Gundam characters, in which case, I'd hazard Camille and
Fa as
> the most likely -- I really can't tell and don't know anything about the
> other than the few notes in the aforementioned Mikimoto Illustrations
book. The
> blond galoot in the baclkground does indeed look like Jerid Mesa and, if
so, I'd
> say the magenta-haired woman immediately below him was Mauar Pharaoh --
> her hair's black in the anime, but artistic license has allowed for much
> modification than mere hari color.
> The preceding paragraph is all a wild-@$$ guess on my part, of course.
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