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--- Zhao Pan <> wrote:
> 10. Pre-assembled conductive cables in all Zeon MS.

where's the fun?

> 9. Pilot figures

this would be nice

> 8. Tons of decals to customize models.

one of mine too

> 7. Extra parts for customization.

that would mean more plastic and the model would be
more pricy

> 6. Clear plastic eye(s).

MG's have them. if the HGUC were to have these, Bandai
has to go cheap on something else, or go with gluing

> 5. No less than 250 parts for MGs, no less than 120
> parts for HGs.

that's a bit much. some designs are really simple and

> 4. Hydraulic pistons.

definitely. i mean without the pistons, the Gm custom,
Quel and Gundam Alex just looked funky

> 3. More weapons. (preferable big-freaking-guns)

well what more could you ask from the 08th MS team
models? or the RX-78-2 ver.1.5? 5!!!

> 2. Articulate hands (with individual moving fingers)
> that can hold weapons
> well.

probably won't happen to MG's anytime soon. i want one
pair that is fully posable that can at least hold
together, and another pair that is designed to do
nothing but hold the gun(s). like the ver.1.5 gundam

> 1. Endo-skeleton in every part of the model with
> removable armors.

they should use the new technology employed in the MG
gundam ver 1.5. i love that model!!!!!

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