Dom Tetreault (
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 18:07:02 -0500

I was just working on snagging the Time Killer ROMs (newly supported in MAME
.37b11, yay!) from Arcade Rom Heaven, when I found, in what appeared to be a
list of MAME games, Mobile Suit Gundam...?! The WIP page confirms this
(damn, I'll read that page more closely from now on...):

"9th January 2001: Guru added a new Mobile Suit Gundam romset to the Seta
driver, and the game is very much playable.")

It's not supported in MAME yet so I can't try it out, every search I try
comes up with seventeen billion console hits and even GameFaqs doesn't have
an arcade Gundam game listed. Does anyone know *anything* about this game?
It seems to be a Banpresto project so I'm really not getting my hopes up
about it being, well, good. =)

A couple links that weren't too terribly specific revealed that there are,
to my count so far, five arcade Gundam games out there. Two are SD, one is
called "Psycho Salamander" (what the hell?), and the other two MS Gundam and
(presumably its sequel) MS Gundam EX Revue, both by Banpresto. (According to
AV, might have more info but I can't get through to
it, I assume it no longer exists.)

Here's some screenshots straight from the WIP page:
(Title screen... urgh...
(Mecha select... hmmm... put Amuro in a Gelgoog? =P)
(Whoops, no, Amuro *fights* the Gelgoog. This would seem to be, then, a
one-on-one fighter.)
(Rather nice graphics for '93, wouldn't you say?)

I'm expecting this to be ready for Beta 12, it looks pretty good
(driver-wise, dunno about gameplay yet. Heheh).

- dom

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