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After hearing about this for so long, it's nice to finally see it, thanks

munkee wrote:
>i saw the Yu Kajima for the pilot of BD unit 1, but was the Iflyte also in
>it, cause it sure looked like it.

Hmm for the non-gamers, which one is Yu Kajima? The blue hair or the blonde?
Let me guess... hmm BLUE Destiny... LOL

I hope they are just throwing these aces together for a photo op.
Or else they have really re-written a lot of history.

>From: "Nicholas Paufler" <echofox@wingzero.net>
> > Okay, you guys (and gals) have _got_ to get these two videos:
> > http://members.nbci.com/PlayStatio/PS2Gundam02.html
> > One is a CG opening, the other is a traditionally animated bit. The first

The CG is quite nice, but I am more excited about the cel movie.
Why? Because you can't re-animate a whole story with just CG. Notice
humans don't make an appearance in the CG opening. It's possible to
do CG characters nicely, but it's difficult/expensive. I think a more
promising approach is do computer-assisted cel animation, let
the computer draw the machines and human animators draw the
characters and animals. (like Futurama)

Second point: I really like the slower heavier action sequence of the
CG opening over the "blindingly fast" Ninja-like actions in the second
opening. Whipping out beam sabres like a switchblade is cool perhaps,
but I like the heavy feel of the CG better. It's kind of surprising that
the two openings of the same game gave such different feels to the
mecha action. I suspect the gameplay itself leans towards the heavy

Third point: I understand the whole thing about artistic license etc, but
it really won't affect the story at all if they had made the combat physics
more consistent. Tomino had gone the first step in "realistic" robots,
why not go the extra kilometer now and get the weapons and armors in
line? What I mean is: if Zaku weapons (MMP-80? and rifle) can shoot a
steel-and-concrete building to hell, then it should at least chip some paint
off Gundam's armor, and better yet dent it. With beam rifle, beam sabre
(which slice through Zaku like butter) and un-dent-able armor, why
wouldn't Amuro just march Gundam right in with a frontal attack? Why
hide behind buildings and dance around? With CGI, it should be the
best chance to fix up these little (old) problems.

> > one has to be seen to be believed, and is very reminiscent of the intro's
> > the Mechwarrior PC games, telling a sort of mini-story .... very, very
> > CGI, I might add.

Hmm story? What story? It's got a very nice touch and feel to the
mecha action. But it suffers from the typical problems of game
cutscenes: no story, no dialogue, no humans. And somehow the ships
formations also feel wrong, it actually looks less realistic than the old
1979 animation to me! But showing actual battles of the pre-White
Base days (was it Ruum?) was very nice.

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