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> they should do turn a only if it was uc. was it UC? i
> never got it. anyway the kapool, do you mean the one
> in ZZ or the one in turn A? either one should be fine
> i guess. the only mech i liked off the turn a line was
> the kapool so....the rest just looked too weird.
> i think they should stick to UC models. it's an
> exclusive thing you know? so far only UC models except
> for the dunbine. i would prefer to see the other non
> UC not go MG.( I'm really biased here.) AND NO TURN A
> MG!!! (sorry again. bias!)

with Dunbine getting MG treatment, it's only a matter of time other non-UC
Gundam suits get the MG treatment. remember, even the PG line isn't
exclusive to Gundam, there's the PG Eva-01. had Eva had a longer lifespan
we would have seen possibly a MG Eva line. it was so popular for a time
then suddenly dropped. well, how can you sustain popularity with only 26
episodes, it will die out in the minds of fans soon enough, unlike Gundam
which continues to make sequels, side stories, and other add-ons to the
original story plus the alternate universes.

I wouldn't be surprised if they followed up the PG Wing Zero with a MG
Deathscythe Hell Custom. or perhaps an MG Tallgeese. these two are the
other best sellers of the Wing line and giving them the MG or even PG
treatment isn't farfetched.

with the recent release of the Sazabi and Nu as MGs, there's no doubt
they'll come out with the other 0093 suits. the question is are they gonna
be in MG or HGUC? the Jagd Doga is a toss-up in my opinion, but I agree it
would be nice to have that in MG, another huge model added to your
collection. if we'll follow the 1/144 scale which I have, the Sazabi and
Jagd Doga are more massive than the Nu, so just imagine your shelf with
those three huge babies! another would be the ReGZ. but I think it's
chances are better as a HGUC. as for the GP03, I'm betting on it that it
will come out in the HGUC line following the trend of the GP01 and GP01Fb.
don't expect the MA to come with it though, as much as we all would want it,
it will remain a dream (unless they do it in another scale and not in the
HGUC line)

honestly as a wishlist I want more Zeon suits as MGs. and contrary to
popular opinion, I don't want any more Zaku variants, for now. I'm sure
there are a lot more other cool Zeon suits out there they could make first
before coming out with even more Zaku variants.

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