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I got the turnA titanium model-toy.. Its not bad when you get used to
it.. Its a solid design for syd mead unfortunately, its very
representative of his 80's look... I like the Sumo more .. The TurnX is
quite cool, the best Syd design... Id like to see that in 1/100... I dont
think the TurnA needs to be MGized.. The mech has NO endoskeleton.. Its
limbs are hollow for extra thrusters and stuff.. There are no hydraulics
on it... I think it uses magnetic fields to move the joints... Id like to
see the Hygog and Zugock from 0080.. I think the FZ needs to be
made..They could build it off the gouf chassis.. Id like to see a gelgoog
JG ... They could build new armor and head off the current chassis.. The
current gelgoog looks dumpy and goofy.. Definately a Zetaplus is needed..
Id like to see Zetaplus conversion parts for my spare PG Z that I havent
built yet. Id like to see a Geara Doga(it would be hard to beat the
kutobukiya sculpt) I think the guncannon and Guntank are sorely due... Id
like to see an MG swordfish2(Cowboy Bebop) and MG Escaflowne (Those LMs
didnt cut it...) .. I dont think well see Macross mechs due to licensing
issues.. Id like to see the gasaraki mechs in MG , including the Kugai(PG
too!!) ....

Gundam EZEight wrote:

> they should do turn a only if it was uc. was it UC? i
> never got it. anyway the kapool, do you mean the one
> in ZZ or the one in turn A? either one should be fine
> i guess. the only mech i liked off the turn a line was
> the kapool so....the rest just looked too weird.
> i think they should stick to UC models. it's an
> exclusive thing you know? so far only UC models except
> for the dunbine. i would prefer to see the other non
> UC not go MG.( I'm really biased here.) AND NO TURN A
> MG!!! (sorry again. bias!)
> --- Loran Seakku <> wrote:
> > >I hope Bandai stays with 0079-0080 and 0083
> > machines. Since they are
> > >planed to air sometime this year in US, they should
> > keep that in mind. I
> > >agree that it's about time for us to see MG
> > treatment on some amphibious
> > >mobile suits. I believe Zugok and Hygok from 0080
> > is in very good
> > >candidate. And, of course we gotta have some GM
> > varients. Sniper and GM
> > >command will be nice.
> > >But, i think we'll see some very interesting items
> > from MSiA section.
> > >Bandai already released bunch of Zeta MS this year.
> > And, Phyco-Gundam
> > >sometime this year. Who know what they'll do next.
> > I bet next in line
> > >will be some 0083 and 08th team.
> >
> > Me personally would like to see either some
> > non-gundam or non-UC MG
> > model. Ofcourse we need an MG Gun Cannon, and it'd
> > be nice to see an MG
> > Guntank that can can exchange parts for the mass
> > prod type (since they're
> > not TOO different) We also need an MG Zaku Kai. But
> > what about maybe an
> > MG Mobile Fighter or a crazy design from Turn A?
> > (I'm one of the few
> > people who liked the Turn A designs as soon as I saw
> > em) The 1/100 Turn A
> > was nice, and the 1/100 Sumo was near MG as is.
> > Wouldn't it be
> > interesting to see an MG God Gundam? Any Mobile
> > Fighter that can go into
> > hyper mode would be nice as well. And while on the
> > subject of aquatic
> > suits, my favorite aquatic suit that would make an
> > interesting (or really
> > cheap...) MG is Kapool.
> >
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