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Wow - love this list. ^_^

From: James Boren <jboren@earthlink.net>

> In a recent Newtype survey, 35 anime creators were asked to name the
> best animated works of the 20th century. Yep, best anime of all time.
> Here the rundown--
> 1 Mobile Suit Gundam

(Can we really trust a magazine with the name Newtype to publish this
survey? j/k...) ^_^

> 2 Yamato

Hehe... the Opening Theme isn't considered the second National Anthem of
Japan for nothing... :P

Funny though, I always thought that the "greatest" label would be a toss-up
between Gundam and Yamato. I guess Gundam's presence in the current scene
puts it on top over the other.

> 3 Galaxy Express 999
> 4 Lupin III- The castle of Cagliostro

Wow. Over Nausicaa? Though this is the best Lupin movie of all - shouldn't
Nausicaa have the nod over it as the best Ghibli work? Two years ago Animage
still had the lead chara of Nausicaa on their top 5 most popular females of
all time. Guess the creators had different sentiments - and I'm not very
sympathetic with Miyazaki's take on Lupin either - too noble.

> 5 Future Boy Conan
> 6 Revolutionary Girl Utena (wow this ranked high!)

Of course! ^_^ Cutting edge elements in Shoujo Anime. The equivalent of
Gundam to Shoujo in terms of changing its face for years to come. I don't
think any other shoujo anime currently could hold a candle to Utena. Except
maybe CCS - but I look at that more as a kid's show.

> 7 Ashita no Joe-2 (I think this is a boxing anime)

Yes it is, an old one too - roots in the 70s methinks. Really influential to
spawn lots of boxing anime and manga in its aftermath. It built the formula
for every fighting type anime since (Dragonball, Yu-Yu Hakushu). Q: when was
the second series shown?

> 8 Heidi of the Alps

 Like something straight out of Nippon Animation, though never seen it. Must
really be a tearjerker or influential to spawn many other anime like it I
guess. Miyazaki did the chara designs I think.

> 9 Ganba? (something) ...sorry I don't know this one


> 10 (tie) Triton of the sea(?)...I think I'm reading this right
> and Neon Genesis Evangelion

Triton IIRC was made by the same creator as Tetsujin-28 (Gigantor). I dunno
anything about it - but it must be a Giant Robot Anime of some sort.

> Each creator (producer, chara designer, etc.) named their top 5
> choices from which the above list was created. About 20% of the
> entries comprised foreign works, (Fantasia, Roger Rabbit, Fritz the
> Cat, Tom & Jerry, Wallace & Gromit to name a few).

Snow White?

> A few suprises--
> Macross didn't make anyone's list.

Doesn't surprise me. Once you're limited to 5 choices - I guess I vote
Gundam and Yamato first before anything else that's mecha related. Then the
other three would have to go to other influencing genres to help mold it

> Miyazaki's studio Gibli films got few votes. Totoro was absent.

I think the 5 choice limitation rooted out many of the Miyazaki films. They
voted Cogliostro I guess to satisfy putting in a Miyazaki film and Lupin on
the same list. Lupin III in its own way changed the perception of adults to
animated cartoons. That way I guess - the creators satisfied both with a
single vote. Heidi of the Alps had Miyazaki as chara designer too. Never
seen it, but I guess if you voted for Heidi and Cogliostro I guess you need
space for other anime.

> Mononoke and Laputa got one vote each.
> I didn't see Wings of Honemeasie (damnit, how do you spell that?)

Gainax has a lot more to show for than Wings. Nadia should be considered
before it, so should Eva. Hell, Gunbuster too. Kare-Kano is too fresh and
new to be fully sink in among the creators as a personal fave.

> I am personally surprised to see Gundam ranked the best, over far
> technically superior films. It's cool though. I guess there's no
> beating story, character, and Giant Robots. ^_^

Hmm... some of my notable exceptions:

-- Mazinger Z
-- Tetsuwan Atom
-- Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
-- Batman Animated TV series (I wonder how it translated to Jap though -
maybe a bit too recent to be influential enough)


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