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you know, they really need a good macross model. I'd say a MG Roy Fokker
Super Valkyrie would be nice. And since not many of the macross models can
transform into gerwalk, fight and Battroid mode, it would be nice if it
could. Then finally, they might make a good macross model!
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> >Well, the alternate universes just aren't as popular as UC is in Japan,
> >Japan is the primary market for the MGs. The HG 1/100 kits, although a
> >7 years old, still are fairly modern....
> granted, but they made a PG of Wing Zero Custom, which just pissed me
> off. I'm sure the model is just fine, but I absolutely feel that it could
> have gone to a much better suit. And they made an MG Dunbine, but having
> never even heard of Dunbine until seeing an HG version in stores, I can't
> say. I'm saying it'd be nice to see an MG AU model, but it's obviously
> far off. I think seeing 0093 suits in MG would rock, seeing how as Jagd
> Doga is my fav suit of all time. But more than anything, we need a Zaku
> FZ (to duel Alex, for christ's sake) or a Guncannon (which is just
> obvious).
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