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> Dafydd writes,
> >Either I missed the Next Page links -- doubtful! -- or they were added
> >subsequent to my checking the page on the first of the month.
> Nah, they were part of the original update...
> >Every indication so far is that the new character Ling A-bao fills in for
> >Amuro here.
> He _is_ Amuro, in the sense that the Gunboy Wilbur _is_ the Gundam and
> the Pegasus _is_ the White Base. Some differences in design, personality,
> and plot, but plays same role in story and most of the general
> characteristics are the same.

And I have read in some Chinese translation, Amuro's name is render as Ling
Abo in their translation.

> >If I read this thing correctly, the C108 Gunboy Wilbur is the
> analog of the
> >Gundam and the C109 Gunboy Orville, also known as Cannon Boy, is the
> analog of
> >the Guncannon.
> More specifically, the Gunboy Wilbur is the Gundam, and the Gunboy
> Orville is the Guncannon - there are two of the latter, labeled C108 and
> C109 just like the two Guncannons in the movies. One is piloted by the
> Kai character, the other by the Hayato character.

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