Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Tue, 16 Jan 01 21:26:19 -0500

>Well, the alternate universes just aren't as popular as UC is in Japan, and
>Japan is the primary market for the MGs. The HG 1/100 kits, although a good
>7 years old, still are fairly modern....

granted, but they made a PG of Wing Zero Custom, which just pissed me
off. I'm sure the model is just fine, but I absolutely feel that it could
have gone to a much better suit. And they made an MG Dunbine, but having
never even heard of Dunbine until seeing an HG version in stores, I can't
say. I'm saying it'd be nice to see an MG AU model, but it's obviously
far off. I think seeing 0093 suits in MG would rock, seeing how as Jagd
Doga is my fav suit of all time. But more than anything, we need a Zaku
FZ (to duel Alex, for christ's sake) or a Guncannon (which is just

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