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>In a recent Newtype survey, 35 anime creators were asked to name the
>best animated works of the 20th century. Yep, best anime of all time.
>Here the rundown--
>1 Mobile Suit Gundam
>2 Yamato
>3 Galaxy Express 999
>4 Lupin III- The castle of Cagliostro
>5 Future Boy Conan
>6 Revolutionary Girl Utena (wow this ranked high!)
>7 Ashita no Joe-2 (I think this is a boxing anime)
>8 Heidi of the Alps
>9 Ganba? (something) ...sorry I don't know this one
>10 (tie) Triton of the sea(?)...I think I'm reading this right
> and Neon Genesis Evangelion

What, my precious Evangelion only ranked 10? Those people must be mad, I
tell you, mad! ^_^

I'm not surprised Ashita no Joe ranked that highly...it's one of the most
famous manga of all time, and when the main character finally died in the
last part of the series, there was a real-life funeral held for him. What I
am surprised about is Heidi of the Alps...what gives with that?

>Each creator (producer, chara designer, etc.) named their top 5
>choices from which the above list was created. About 20% of the
>entries comprised foreign works, (Fantasia, Roger Rabbit, Fritz the
>Cat, Tom & Jerry, Wallace & Gromit to name a few).
>A few suprises--
>Macross didn't make anyone's list.

Not surprised. It's not really THAT good. ^_^

>Miyazaki's studio Gibli films got few votes. Totoro was absent.
>Mononoke and Laputa got one vote each.

Yeah, that was weird.

>I didn't see Wings of Honemeasie (damnit, how do you spell that?)
>I am personally surprised to see Gundam ranked the best, over far
>technically superior films. It's cool though. I guess there's no
>beating story, character, and Giant Robots. ^_^

I think it is because Gundam was truly revolutionary in some new, novel and
exciting ways. Firstly, it was a great story, period - the sort of epic
space saga people thought could never be animated. Then, it introduced
anime's first anti-hero, Amuro Rei. It also managed to blend traditional
samurai elements with giant mecha, another plus. It had superb direction.
And I think most of all, it managed to create a whole franchise and fandom
unto itself...I don't see any of the other picks on the list doing that.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for posting this interesting bit of info...now let's
see what the rest of the list members have to say. ^_^

Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)

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