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On Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:28:21
 James Boren wrote:
>In a recent Newtype survey, 35 anime creators were asked to name the
>best animated works of the 20th century. Yep, best anime of all time.
>Here the rundown--
>1 Mobile Suit Gundam
>2 Yamato
>3 Galaxy Express 999
>4 Lupin III- The castle of Cagliostro
>5 Future Boy Conan
>6 Revolutionary Girl Utena (wow this ranked high!)
>7 Ashita no Joe-2 (I think this is a boxing anime)
>8 Heidi of the Alps
>9 Ganba? (something) ...sorry I don't know this one
>10 (tie) Triton of the sea(?)...I think I'm reading this right
> and Neon Genesis Evangelion
>A few suprises--
>Macross didn't make anyone's list.

I really don't think that Macross was really that big in Japan anyway. The only reason its more visible to western audiences is because of (acch) Robotech

>Miyazaki's studio Gibli films got few votes. Totoro was absent.
>Mononoke and Laputa got one vote each.

I'm surprised. I was anticipating at least Nausicaa but then again it was more famous as Manga. Mononoke Hime is quite new so the prejudice is understandable...

>I didn't see Wings of Honemeasie (damnit, how do you spell that?)

It Honneamise and yes it is quite surprising

>I am personally surprised to see Gundam ranked the best, over far
>technically superior films. It's cool though. I guess there's no
>beating story, character, and Giant Robots. ^_^

I'm not surprised. Gundam is not only good, but its also quite old and influential, not only to anime, but the whole sci-fi fantasy industry or whatever they call it in Japan.

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