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i saw the Yu Kajima for the pilot of BD unit 1, but was the Iflyte also in
it, cause it sure looked like it.
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> Okay, you guys (and gals) have _got_ to get these two videos:
> One is a CG opening, the other is a traditionally animated bit. The first
> one has to be seen to be believed, and is very reminiscent of the intro's
> the Mechwarrior PC games, telling a sort of mini-story .... very, very
> CGI, I might add.
> The second is some cel animation showcasing 0079, 0080, 08thMST, Blue
> Destiny, and something I couldn't immediately ID ... but basically a whole
> bunch of OYW era characters and mecha. There's a particularly cool shot of
> Shiro, Christine, Amuro, Sayla, one of the Blue Destiny pilots, and
> else I couldn't ID off the top of my head, before it cuts to another shot
> their mobile suits. There's definately some freshly animated footage in
> as well.... all set to the original Gundam theme, of course =)
> Well worth the download.
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