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Dafydd writes,

>Either I missed the Next Page links -- doubtful! -- or they were added
>subsequent to my checking the page on the first of the month.

  Nah, they were part of the original update...

>Every indication so far is that the new character Ling A-bao fills in for
>Amuro here.

  He _is_ Amuro, in the sense that the Gunboy Wilbur _is_ the Gundam and
the Pegasus _is_ the White Base. Some differences in design, personality,
and plot, but plays same role in story and most of the general
characteristics are the same.

>If I read this thing correctly, the C108 Gunboy Wilbur is the analog of the
>Gundam and the C109 Gunboy Orville, also known as Cannon Boy, is the
analog of
>the Guncannon.

  More specifically, the Gunboy Wilbur is the Gundam, and the Gunboy
Orville is the Guncannon - there are two of the latter, labeled C108 and
C109 just like the two Guncannons in the movies. One is piloted by the
Kai character, the other by the Hayato character.

>According to the blurb at the end of the third page, the next issue of
>will feature a special manga version

  Which is, um, interesting. :-)

>Did I mention that I really, REALLY hope the English improves?

  The principal English translator is the well-spoken Jonathan Clements.
He must have been out the week they posted that last update. ;-)

-- Mark

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