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Okay, you guys (and gals) have _got_ to get these two videos:
One is a CG opening, the other is a traditionally animated bit. The first
one has to be seen to be believed, and is very reminiscent of the intro's to
the Mechwarrior PC games, telling a sort of mini-story .... very, very nice
CGI, I might add.
The second is some cel animation showcasing 0079, 0080, 08thMST, Blue
Destiny, and something I couldn't immediately ID ... but basically a whole
bunch of OYW era characters and mecha. There's a particularly cool shot of
Shiro, Christine, Amuro, Sayla, one of the Blue Destiny pilots, and someone
else I couldn't ID off the top of my head, before it cuts to another shot of
their mobile suits. There's definately some freshly animated footage in here
as well.... all set to the original Gundam theme, of course =)
Well worth the download.

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